BB Studios

BB Studios has made quite a few videos for many diverse clients over the years. Below are some examples of our work. You can see our full portfolio here. Contact us at to find out what BB Studios can do for you.

Liberty Awakes!
Historic Brattonsville (2014)

A little-known but key battle of the American Revolution was fought in the backcountry of South Carolina: The Battle of Williams Plantation, more popularly known as Huck’s Defeat.

The Dawn of Peace
Bennett Place Historic Site (2003)

The largest surrender of the American Civil War happened at Bennett Place in Durham, North Carolina.

Postcards of Orange County – Carr Mill Mall
Orange County Visitors Bureau (2008)

Part of the “Postcards of Orange County” series about historic places in Orange County North Carolina. This on features Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Alliance for Historic Hillsborough / Hillsborough Tourism Board (2016)

Here are just some of the reasons Hillsborough, North Carolina has long been a destination for historic tourism.